Computational design and fabrication


Terri form Project

Following the studio brief, 35degree team introduces “Terriform” which is is a material based design research that proposes a self-or­ganisational model of material formation that generates a temporal architecture with a designed life-cycle. TERRI-FORM is an eco-resort on the red sea that has been designed through a zero-waste formative process whose archi­tecture reorganises materials naturally available on the site and redistributes these back into its environment at the end of its cycle.

The research proposes a time-based architecture through a tectonic system that extends Frei Otto’s research of sand formations using sand’s natural angle of repose. Formations are hardened as a surface through the phase changing properties of a saline solution which crystallises when cooled, bonding with the sand. An on site fabrication process allows for an annual re-territorialisation of the site by creating a temporary ar­chitecture that endures for eight months until the rainy season ensures its disso­lution into the landscape. The material­ity and spatial qualities of the project are based on the conical geometries gener­ated through the gravitational process of sand formation.

Sand phase changing properties